The Scientific 7 Minute Workout: Benefits And Routine

the ultimate 7 minute workout guide

Want to lose that extra body weight but struggling to take out time from your busy schedule? Don’t worry – a recent research from McMaster University in Hamilton shows that even with this high-intensity 7 minute workout one can achieve the result equivalent to an hour’s workout.

Now that’s a good news, isn’t it? All you need to do is, perform 12 simple exercises for just 7 minutes to get that perfect shape you have been dreaming forever.

The scientific 7 minute workout benefits:

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Maximizes caloric consumption
  • Trains muscles of the whole body
  • Improves health by reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.
  • Adds years to your life.

The scientific 7 minute workout routine:

7 minute workout routine comprises of 12 exercises of 30 seconds each with 10 seconds of resting interval. To get the effective result you need to do them to the best of your abilities (high-intensity) and rest very little in between. When rest intervals are too long, it undermines the effectiveness of the workout. Here are the 12 exercises that you need to perform:

1Jumping jacks – the aerobic exercise

2Wall squats – for legs and buttocks

3Push ups – for arm muscles, chest and shoulders

4Crunches – for abs


5Step up – for legs and buttocks

6Squats – for legs and buttocks

7Triceps dips

8Plank – for abs and flat tummy

9High knee run – cardio and abdomen

10Lunges -for legs

11Side plank – for oblique muscles and hips

12Pushups with rotation – to train arms, chest and shoulders

Expert advice:

 To see effective result from 7 Minute Workout, don’t skip even a day. Make this a routine in your life. You can do this anytime – early morning, before going for a shower, evening and even after work. But stick to the schedule you can follow on a regular basis. If you are not a busy person, you can stretch this workout to 23 minute workout i.e. 3 sets of 7 Minute workout with 1 minute of rest interval.

There are plenty of videos on 7 minute workout, but we highly recommend this video from Lumowell. So let’s get started.

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