Good luck is the result of Good planning

Whether you are travelling abroad or locally or this is your first journey, it’s always helpful to have a list of items you need to carry. So here we are with the best practices to be carried while making travel packing checklist.

The Ultimate Travel Packing List:

Step 1: Important documents

Before you start packing your backpack the most important thing is to collect all the important documents that you need in travel.

Think about the following documents:

  1. Travel tickets soft copy and printouts.
  2. Identity Card (Passport/Student ID/Driving Licence).
  3. 10% to 20% cash in different pockets/bags so that you don’t loose all at once.
  4. Credit/Debit Cards.
  5. Hotel reservation documents.
  6. Small travel map of all the places you may like to visit.
Important documents
Important stuff

Step 2: A Small Wallet Bag

You can think of a small personal carry bag like a big wallet. In this bag you can include following:

  1. Mobile Phone.
  2. Travel Documents.
  3. Personal ID card.
  4. Credit/Debit Cards.
  5. Cash.
passport wallet
A small wallet

Step 3: A Daily Bag

If you are planning for a journey more than two days, then think of the daily use items. You can collect following for your backpack:

  1. Mobile Charger.
  2. Headphones.
  3. Battery backup.
  4. Medicines.
  5. Water bottle.
  6. Dental Kit.
  7. Sanitizer.
  8. Tissue paper.
  9. A small hand towel.
  10. One Pair of clothes.
  11. Shorts.
  12. Pillo.
  13. Eye Glasses and Sunglasses.
  14. Small dry food items.
The Backpack

Step 4: A Main Bag

Prioritise the items before you pack you main bag. First thing is to check the allowed size limits. Most of the domestic and international flights mention in the ticket allowed number/size of the bags. Here are the things you can think of:

  1. Light weight clothes.
  2. Jacket (If you are travelling to cold places).
  3. Two extra pairs of socks.
  4. Shirt/Pants/sleeping clothes.
  5. Undergarments.
  6. Walking Shoes.
  7. Sleeper/floaters.
  8. A bedsheet/blanket.
The Main bag
The Main bag

You are all set to travel now. Enjoy the journey.