Have you ever heard of The Colbert Report, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson orTalkshow with Spike Feresten. If yes, you already know what we are talking about. If no, here we are presenting you about the Persian Pink Panther, Maz Jobrani (Maziyar Jobrani), an Iranian-American comedian and actor who is famous for his jokes focused on race and the misunderstanding of Middle Easterners in America.

Let’s discuss few of the best performances from Maz Zobrani.

Maz Jobrani – Persian Cat (from Axis of Evil)

The performance which you will like the most is his comedy on the misunderstanding of Middle Easterners in America. Here is the Maz Zobrani from Axis of Evil.

Maz Jobrani – Why There’s a Billion Indians in the World

Why there’s a billion Indians in the world, because Indians genes are so dominant that anyone sees Indians he comes into their arena. I liked this part most.

Maz Jobrani – Russians Are Bad Ass!

When I was three and a half, I was in prison in Siberia. You want to know why Russians are bad ass, here you go with Maz Jobrani.

Like this, there is much more fun and comedy you can go on. Thanks! Maz Jobrani for making us laugh.

Here you can find all the all his fun comedy video.