This Funny Cosplay Will Make Your Day – Part 2

Remeber Anucha “Cha” Saengchart? Well, he’s back with another set of his creative and mind blowing ideas to dawn characters from a movie, book, or even from a video game using low-budget costumes. Let’s check out some of his funny cosplay:

1More like a Lieutenant America.

2That innerwear will certainly make him ‘Dead’pool.

3Avril ‘Noodles’ Lavigne – it’s complicated.

4Whose widow is that? I’m sure husband is at peace.

5Tony stark would be proud of him, after all, he made his own suit.

6That’s goofy!

7Sailors would certainly stop looking for mermaids now.

8Does that make him a pirate too?

9I’m sure the cat is not impressed.

10Mowgli of suburbs wild.

11Let’s put a smile on that face!

12The crazy Harley Quinn

13Got ‘tangled’ in the noodles!

14Nivea face cream for people who have more than one face.

15Close enough!

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