An App that can locate any place with just 3 words

Ever imagined searching a place on google map with just 3 simple words? Well, welcome to What3words. What3words is a London-based startup, that is trying to change the way people find a place. Gone are those days when you had to remember those verbose addresses with all necessary details and then search in google map to find the precise location. Now you can find  any place on google map with just 3 words.

what3words is a global grid of 57 trillion 3mx3m squares. Each square has a 3 word address that can be communicated quickly, easily and with no ambiguity. It turns geographic coordinates into these 3 word addresses and vice-versa.

Well words are always easier to remember than some lengthy address or some alphanumeric postcode. For Example the below address:

Little St John Street,
Chester CH1 1DD,
United Kingdom

Simply translates to: zealous.foods.local

I personally feel its definitely gonna be a game-changer for places that still don’t have prominent address and are difficult to locate. This is a perfect app for wanderers who are always on the move.

What3words is now available on the Android, iOS and Web. Well what do you feel about this new creative idea? Comment below.