NASA recently revealed that they had found a miniature exoplanet System with seven Earth-sized planets in tiny, fast orbits around the super-cool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1.
Here are few Amazing Facts About TRAPPIST-1, the exoplanet System.

1The exoplanet system TRAPPIST-1 is named after the Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope (TRAPPIST) in Chile.

2The TRAPPIST-1 star is a small, dim celestial body in the constellation Aquarius. It is located about 40 light years away from Earth.

3The diameter of TRAPPIST-1 star is about 8 percent of the sun’s size.

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4In contrast to our sun, the TRAPPIST-1 star is so cool that liquid water could survive on planets orbiting very close to it, closer than is possible on planets in our solar system.

5All seven of the TRAPPIST-1 planetary orbits are closer to their host star than Mercury is to our sun.

6The planets are very close to each other that If a person was standing on one of the planet’s surface, they could gaze up and potentially see geological features or clouds of neighboring worlds. which would sometimes appear larger than the moon in Earth’s sky.

7The planets may also be tidally locked to their star, which means the same side of the planet is always facing the star, therefore each side is either perpetual day or night.This could mean they have weather patterns totally unlike those on Earth, such as strong winds blowing from the day side to the night side, and extreme temperature changes.

Source: NASA