7 Facts: Pokémon Go Has Already Changed Our Lives

Nintendo released Pokémon Go, a mobile game that uses “augmented reality”. Even though it’s only been out for a week, it’s already taken the world by storm.

Last Thursday, Nintendo released Pokémon Go, a mobile game that uses “augmented reality” to display Pokémon in real-world locations. The objective of the game is to catch these Pokémon through your phone’s camera in designated Pokéstops around your city, train them up, then battle others in public spaces known as Gyms.

Even though it’s only been out for a week, it’s already taken the world by storm. In one day, the game sent Nintendo’s stock soaring by 23 percent and the amount of downloads on Android devices suggest the game is already bigger than Tinder and is poised to overtake Twitter.

1Crowd have taken over Central Park.

People gathered in Central Park to catch Pokémon.

A short video posted on Twitter showed dozens of people congregating around one tiny spot in New York’s Central Park, looking for Pokémon.

2A teenager discovered a dead body while trying to catch a Pikachu.

Shayla Wiggins and Pikachu

A teenager from Wyoming stumbled upon a dead body of a man in the river by her house while chasing Pikachu. Police are not suspecting foul play based on the initial investigation.

3Players are breaking into sensitive military installation to catch Pokémon.

JBLM Facebook post

Officers of Joint Base Lewis–McChord (JBLM), a restricted U.S. military station; caught players lurking around the station and crouching in the bushes. Considering the fact that the facility is restricted area, the JBLM made an official statement on Facebook telling players not to chase Pokemon in JBLM premises.

4Armed robbers are luring Pokémon Go players into traps.

Nikolas Howard, a victim

Four Missouri teens have been charged with holding players at gunpoint after putting a beacon on a Pokéstop to make it more attractive. This is called a “Lure Module” and it’s often used to tip players off to good spots. Sadly, not everyone has such good intentions.

5Now we have Pokémon Go chauffeur.

Pokemon car (representative image)

Players often complain about all the walking involved with Pokémon Go. Now a man is offering paid rides around Baltimore for those Pokémon Go players who want to make the game a little easier for themselves.

6Customers are choosing restaurants based on Pokémon Go.

Twitter users reported numerous restaurants are utilizing Pokéstops or lures to bring in customers.

7Pokémon Go has nearly claimed its first victim.

Smashed car

A motorist slammed his car into a tree in New York while playing Pokémon Go. Cary’s mother wrote on Facebook post that her son “will not answer a phone call or text while driving,” but when he saw a “‘special’ Pokémon on his app…He looked down for a minute and woke up in an ambulance.”