6 Secret Android Apps You Won’t Find On The Play Store

How many times has it happened that you are looking for an Android App on the Play Store but you just can’t find that exact App that meets the requirement or even if you do, it comes with a cost? I am sure we all have been there. Well, there are many cool Android Apps that are not listed on the Play Store but are pretty useful in day-to-day life. Remember, Play Store is not the only place where you can find Android Apps.

Steve Wright, a youtube blogger who does reviews of Android Apps, phones, games and more, has a list of some secret Android Apps that you won’t find on the Play Store but are pretty handy for everyone.

You can download these Apps from the below links:
Adguard: https://adguard.com/en/welcome.html
Amazon Underground: https://goo.gl/zaJpg7
Amazon Video: (Download from the Underground App above)
MIUI Music: search xda-developers.com for apk
Showbox: search for apk
Downloader: Search ‘Dentex’ on xda-developers.com

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