Who hasn’t heard of saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed“. Friends are next to family in everyone’s life. They’re in your life to support you and to help you. They make you laugh and sometimes even cry. And then there’s your friend circle which is filled with all types of strange and unique characters. Let us take a look at different types of friends that every friend group has.

1The Friend Who is a Fitness Freak

The Fitness Freak Friend

He has the best physique in the group. He is fitness enthused and works out all the time. He spends half of his time and money on workout stuff and it pays off too.

2The Storyteller Friend

The Storyteller Friend

He is always sharing stories or anecdotes from his past life to the group. These could range from being humorous to boring and sometimes even awkward but it doesn’t matter to him. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he basically lives in the past.

3The Womanizer Friend

The Womanizer Friend

He is the chick magnet. He is charming, sweet talker and somehow always manages to get the girl. Friends occasionally envy him too. But often he is being approached to seek tips and suggestions on how to impress girls.

4The Sarcastic Friend

The Sarcastic Friend

He likes to answer everyone in his own sarcastic manner. It’s futile to expect a straightforward reply from him. Sometimes his sarcasm is of such high level, it simply bounces off your head.

5The Friend Who is Always Drunk

The Drunkard Friend

He drinks like a fish and more than often is on a hangover. No matter how drunk he is, he is always ready for another round. He knows about all the brands – be it local or international.

6The Control Freak Friend

The Control Freak Friend

She feels an obsessive need to exercise control over themselves and others and to take command of any situation. She is determined to make things happen in exactly the way she wants and even tries to make other people do the same.

7The Friend Who is Always on the Phone

The Phone Friend

Be it a day or night, inside or outside, home or office, this friend just can’t get enough of the phone. He knows all about the tariffs and packages that every telecom service provider offers. Certainly, a goto friend while choosing a new plan.

8The Gorgeous Friend

The Gorgeous Friend

This friend is just drop dead gorgeous. She is the highlight of your group and keeps the group in the limelight. She’s the one who brings extra attention to the group. She’s also the reason why people wants to be friends with you.

9The Nerd Friend

The Nerd Friend

He’s the literal definition of a Bookworm. Ask him anything and he has the answer to every question of yours. Whenever you see him, he’s either going to the library or coming from it.

10The Weird Friend

The Weird Friend

We all have one weird friend in our group who isn’t quite right in the head. She talks silly, dresses oddly and has a peculiar behavior. She doesn’t get perturbed by what people think of her.

11The Friend of Wisdom

The Wisdom Friend

He’s the most rational and sane person of the group. Friends often reach out to him for suggestions and advises. He also knows how to handle any situation without creating any fuss about it.

12The Fashion Diva

The Fashion Diva

She has the best fashion sense. Unlike rest of the members, she dresses in flawless and impeccable manner. She will blindly answer what color goes with what or which dress will look good on whom.

13The Backstabber

The Backstabber

Once your best friend but now almost a stranger. He was once a part and parcel of the group but not anymore. He has alienated himself by backstabbing others and is no more welcomed by the group.

14The Narcissist Friend

The Narcissist Friend

He is obnoxious, offensive and selfish. He doesn’t hold back while talking to others and openly insults them. His excessive love or admiration for himself makes him less likely among friends.

15The Mysterious Friend

The Mysterious Friend

He is full of mystery and secrets. There is an uncanny strange thing about him that keeps everyone puzzling. Sometimes you even wonder do I really know him?

16The Shy Friend

The Shy Friend

He’s extremely shy and barely talks. You have to often make an effort to get the words rolling out of his mouth.

17The Hopeless Lover

The Hopeless Lover Friend

Ever since he came to know about the concept called relationship, he’s been hopelessly trying to get into one. Even if he manages to find a girl, he just can’t make that extra mile.

18The Friend Who is Always Hungry

The Hungry Friend

He eats food like breathing air. His eyes light up the moment you mention food. He’s always hungry even if he had just gulped a whole pack of pizza. Your food is certainly not safe around him.

19The Tech-Savvy Friends

The Tech-Savvy Friend

They have the most recent and current updates on modern technology and gadgets. Be it latest smartphone or laptop, don’t bother looking it up on the internet, just ask them instead.

20The Street-Smart Friend

The Street-Smart Friend

He is shrewd and knows how to survive or succeed in any situation. He understands all groups of people and knows how to act around them. He has the ability to manage or succeed in difficult or dangerous situations. Also, he could tip you on how to make quick bucks.

21The Friend Who is Forever in the Friendzone

The Friendzoned Friend

He’s always trying to impress the same girl again and again. Though she has virtually friendzoned him long back, he still hangs on by a feeble thread.


So, what type of friend you are? Did your friend manage to feature in this list? If not, do let us know in comments below, what other types of friends you have in your friend circle.