Who doesn’t love Ross Geller? I mean Dr. Ross Geller!

He is charming, lovelorn, witty, and shy. He cares about his family and friends. Over the years, he has given so many memorable moments in the show, some make us mad yet some make us love him. Here are 21 reasons why we love Ross Geller from the popular sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

1Because he has a cool dance routine. Remember those amazing dance moves of Monica and Ross?

2Because he is passionate about dinosaurs. Whether it’s about teaching or dealing with Mr. Zelner, the dinosaur is the way.

3Because he always has a killer costume for special occasions.

4Because he is good in grammar.

5Because he has invented his own hand gestures that are cool to him but annoying to others.

6Because he is a loving husband.

7Because he is always trying to convince others that he’s a Doctor.

8Because he likes Ross.

9Because he is a great musician (at least according to him).

10Because he has a nap partner.

11Because he is never afraid to try out new things, be it leather pants or white teeth or a blue hat.

12Because he is still trying to convince he’s a doctor.

13Because he has frightening nicknames.

14Because he believes in early parenting.

15Because he knows how to impress the ladies.

16Because he has a plan for almost everything like he had one for his sofa. It was so simple – Pivot.

17Because he knows all the colour in the entire universe.

18Because he cares about his food especially his dear sandwich (the only good thing in his life).

19Because he has special powers – Unagi.

20Because he is fine. And when he’s fine he becomes an expert on words too.

21and finally, because he loves Rachel more than anything in the world & never gave up on her.

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