Apple Inc. was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976, in Cupertino, CA in the car garage at Jobs’ house. And since then, Apple has launched many revolutionary products like the iPod, iPhone, Macintosh and iPad.

But do you know Apple forbids you from using iTunes to make nuclear weapons and missiles? Well if you didn’t, check out these 15 surprising Apple facts that you didn’t know.

1If you smoke near an Apple Computer, your device’s warranty will become void.

2Ronald Wayne also co-founded the company, but he stepped out only after 12 days Apple came into existence. At that time, he sold his 10% share for $800. If he had retained those shares, their current worth would be $60 billion.

3If you’ve closely watched the Apple iPhone commercials, the time displayed is 9:41 AM. Ever wondered why? This was the time when Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in 2007.

4Apple is one of most valuable companies in the world. How valuable? Well, they also have more cash than the US Treasury with a $233 billion on its balance sheet.

5The iPad’s retina display, that their owners truly admire and are so proud of, is actually manufactured by Samsung.

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6The man who created iPod, Tony Fadell, first went with his idea to Phillips and Real Networks, but they turned him down which was later picked up by Apple.

7Ever paid close attention to iTunes’ Terms and Conditions? If you had, you would know that you can’t use iTunes to make nuclear weapons and missiles. Yes, you read is right. It’s called EULA clause!

8When the first iPod prototype was presented to Steve Jobs, he dropped it in an aquarium to show that it could be shrunk further, considering there were air bubbles signifying the existence of empty space inside.

9MacBook can take a bullet for you. Well, not all the parts of the laptop but the battery can.

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10Your personal secretary Siri is an original product by Siri Inc. and they made it for Android and Blackberry, but Apple bought Siri Inc. in April 2010.

11When the number of employees started increasing at Apple, a numerical designation based on alphabetical order of the employee name was adopted. But Jobs didn’t like that he was #2 just behind Wozniak #1, thanks to the alphabets. So, he decided to take #0.

12In 1986, Apple tried their hands in clothing market as well and released a set of designs but it didn’t turn out as planned.

13Jobs and Woz sold the Apple 1 for $100, but they never knew, one of their $100 devices would be auctioned for $905,000 in the year 2014.

14Chances are that you may find Lisa computer if you dig deep enough in Logan, Utah. Around 2,700 units of the Lisa computer in 1983 are buried in a Utah landfill, all because the product was a big failure.

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15Mission “M68” of 2004. No, this is not an another Tom Cruise movie name but rather an Apple secret project. How secret? Even the software & hardware team had no idea about the device. This clandestine project later turned out to be the iconic iPhone that was unveiled by Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007.