Breakup hurts. A lot. Isn’t it? Sometimes it seems almost impossible to get through. Whether the relationship was a happy or unhappy one — it ended. It ended for a reason. After the heartache fades, along with all those memories of your ex, you’ll start to see the good in the goodbye. Believe it or not, breakups could be extremely positive in the long run.

Watch our video to discover the best things about breakups.

1You figured out that this person was not right for you.

It is good that you are figuring out now, rather than years down the line that this person was not right for you.

2You get a fresh start.

Although a break-up is an end it is also a beginning. This is a chance to start all over, to have a new perspective on life, love and yourself.

3You can finally join the online dating sites your single friends always talk about.

Which is better – Tinder or Badoo? You are about to find out.

4You can stop defending your partner’s ridiculous acts to your friends.

Yes! Now you don’t have to run out of words while explaining your friends the unexplainable.

5You can finally ignore your Whatsapp notifications and focus on your activities.

Checking and replying to text messages every now and then is no longer a compulsion. Think about all the time you saved by cutting cellphone out and investing this time in you.

6You can go on a night out with your besties without the guilt.

Go on a night out with your besties without the guilt of not inviting your partner.

7You don’t have to pretend to like his/her annoying friends and relatives.

You’ll no longer have to pretend to get along with his/her annoying friends and relatives just for the sake of keeping the peace.

8“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – now you know what this phrase actually mean.

It can be extremely difficult to let something go that isn’t meant for you. But doing this will make you happier, stronger, and more fulfilled in the long run.

9You can actually go out with that guy or girl you secretly had a crush on.

You know, whom I am talking about.

10You discover who your friends really are.

There’s nothing quite like the support of good friends. When going through a breakup, you’ll quickly find out your true friends.

11You get to reassess what you want in a partner and in a relationship.

Being single grants you time and energy to really think about what you want and need in a partner.

12You have more freedom and space in your life.

You can create your own schedule. You can eat when you want and hang out when you feel like it. Your happiness is controlled and determined by you and not someone else.

13You discover the undiscovered you.

There’s that one thing you’ve put off for the mere reason that you don’t have time to cram it into your busy schedules. With the extra time, you discover new passion and hobbies.

14You may focus more on your career and professional life.

Now you don’t have to take into account what your partner thinks you should do or what city he/she will be able to find work in. You can focus more on your career and have a greater chance of moving up the ladder fast.

15You have more time to be (and stay) in shape.

This is a perfect time to hit the gym. Get in shape and stay fit.